MIKROE’s New Open Standard DISCON Offers Wide Choices

MicroElectronika (MIKROE) has announced a new display connection open standard that enables the display of both the socket and the board. 

This embedded development tools company is known for standardization and saving development time and money, which is evident in the new open standard DISCON. The display connector (DISCON) and the add-on board are designed with the flexibility to ensure easy installation and replacement for displays on the development board.

According to MIKROE CEO, Nebojsa Matic, DISCON allows complete compatibility between the development board and the supported displays. Nebojsa said this was possible regardless of the type or size of the display. This type of display with the DISCON socket comes in handy in saving time and money during the development process. This is because the universal display connector and add-on standard allow for flexibility and scalability.

The DISCON display board socket comes with silkscreen markings and a female 2×20-pin connector. The pin-out consists of 4 types of pins including GPIO, I2C, and data pins. There are also optional control pins and power supply pins. 

Certain operational and aesthetic requirements must be met during the development process of the DISCON standard. Some of these requirements include the shape and size of the display board. Generally, the DISCON board allows units measuring 3.5”, 4.3”, 5”, and 7”. As for the style, it supports resistive, capacitive, capacitive with a frame, and capacitive with bezel styles. 

The other requirements include the display board’s physical layout, silkscreen marking conventions for the sockets and on-boards, and power and communication supply pins. 

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