Farnell Releases Magnetic Connectors in its Multicomp Pro Line

Farnell is adding magnetic connectors to its Multicomp Pro line. The magnetic connectors were designed to give value and meet the standards required by engineers. They are also quite easy to use thanks to their self-matting connections that are easy to detach.

Over the years, magnetic connectors and cable assemblies are quickly becoming an interconnect choice on the market, particularly for low-voltage applications. They are also quite versatile and are used in industries like power management, computer peripherals, medical/healthcare, industrial, wearables, maker & education, and many more.

The Multicomp Pro Magnetic Connectors are highly reliable and versatile, meaning they can be used for different products and in varying environments. Farnell’s best-seller, Multicomp Pro Magnetic Connector MP002495 is designed to rotate at 360 degrees without losing the electrical connection. This product has an IP67 rating and is a great option for extra-low voltage applications. For instance, it can be used for battery charging with a 5A current at 30V AC/DC.

According to the Senior Manager of Private Label at Farnell, Gareth James, the company takes pride in being the exclusive distributor of products from Multicomp Pro. James said that Farnell is excited to introduce innovative Magnetic Connectors to change the connector landscape. He went on to say that these innovative yet simple-to-use connectors come in handy when a two-contact connector is needed. 

The other benefit of magnetic connectors as opposed to other connectors is that they are quick to disconnect, making them a safe option. This is quite helpful if the cables or connectors are damaged. 

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