AUO Curved Display at Display Technology

AUO has released a new curved display known as the P430QVR01.0 curved UHD TFT display. 

The curved displays can now be found at Display Technology, which is renowned for providing the latest technical innovations for touch screens and displays. Unlike conventional displays, curved displays offer more display area because they reduce the viewing distance in the peripheral field of view.

The new P430QVR01.0 curved UHD TFT display has a screen diagonal measuring 43 inches while the curvature radius measures 1500mm. This screen is designed to be used in industrial applications and it operates 24/7. 

It is manufactured with durability in mind considering that it features a 4.5mm thick cover glass with a black passe-partout. Not only does this add to its appeal but also enhances its robustness. Moreover, the backlight can offer at least 50,000 operating hours.

When it comes to functionality, this display offers the touch function option. It also offers the option to choose between a portrait and a landscape mode for an ultimate viewing experience. Better still, customization for this display has been enabled and you can add holes or cutouts if you like. There is also the option for ink printing.

What to Know About Display Technology?

Display Technology also offers embedded computing that comes with a market-leading service from the initial consultation to other stages of the process including sample design and after-sales support.

The hover touch technology is one of the company’s most ambitious projects right now. This technology allows users to interact with display panels without making physical contact.

Display Technology is a leader in different sectors of the embedded computing market such as transportation, medical, repoint or point-of-sale, marine, and industrial instrumentation and control. Furthermore, the organization is a market leader in audio and lighting control, as well as energy management. 

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