AUO Curved Display at Display Technology

AUO has released a new curved display known as the P430QVR01.0 curved UHD TFT display. 
The curved displays can now be found at Display Technology, which is renowned for providing the latest technical innovations for touch screens and displays. Unlike conventional displays, curved displays offer more display area because they reduce the viewing distance in the peripheral field of view.
The new P430QVR01.0 curved UHD TFT display has a screen diagonal measuring 43 inches while the curvature radius measures 1500mm. This…

Avnet Abacus Saves Millions of Smart Meters

Millions of smart meters now will not have to end up in landfills, thanks to the collaboration between Avnet Abacus and TWTG Cooperation. Avnet Abacus is a renowned distributor of power supply, electromechanical, interconnect, energy storage, passive, wireless, and sensor products. On the other hand, TWTG is an industry-IoT specialist located in Rotterdam. 
Smart meters are under threat due to technological …