Rob Kräwinkel on Optimization in Solar-Powered Race Cars

Rob Kräwinkel, the lead electrical engineer of Solar Team Twente 2019, talks about how he optimized solar-powered race cars. When asked what solar-powered vehicle race he wouldn’t miss, he answered the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. It takes place on a 3,000-km route all the way from Darwin to Adelaide, Australia and involves racing in the quickest time possible while only relying on sunlight for power.
According to him, the key to winning this is for a race car to generate the greatest amount of solar energy possible. After that, it should convert …

Tony Bibbs on Project and Collaboration Software

In an interview with Tony Bibbs, the president and owner of the GForge Group, he revealed his thoughts on collaboration and project software right now. Keep reading to learn more about what he has to say about the industry at the moment.
According to him, there are many options in the world of collaboration right now. Solutions can be delivered through different means like software as a service or hybrid or on…

Dr. Dominic Binks on Sound-Recognition AI Software

Dr. Dominic Binks is the Vice-President of Technology at Audio Analytic. He has recently talked about his decision to add sound-recognition AI software to the Arm Cortex-M0+ processor. Binks explained that the ai3 software relies on AuditoryNET, which is a deep neural network made for modeling the temporal and acoustic features of sounds. He said that they wanted to grant a sense of hearing to all machines, even the tiniest ones with constrained processing and power.
For the M0+ implementation, the ai3 software called for 181kB across the ROM and RAM. This is …

Wide Bandgap Material Strength and Power Electronics

To any device that requires electricity, power electronic devices are incredibly important. Despite this, they remain underappreciated in the semiconductor sector. In general, they are present in power converter circuits for the conversion of AC to DC voltage. They also power electric motors and DC-DC voltages.
Their improvement increases the efficiency of electronic devices. Today, they are key in enabling carbon-…

What Test and Measure Engineers Want from Vendors

Last year, Tektronix conducted a global survey of around 1,300 test and measure engineers to find out their concerns and requirements when it comes to company equipment. It revealed that they want more durable products and technical support to keep up with rapid technological advancements.
In fact, almost 40% of respondents want equipment with a lifespan of over a decade. Around a fifth, meanwhile, wanted it to last more…

Do Not Forget to Dry When Cleaning PCBs

When you are cleaning printed circuit boards, there is a process you have to follow. Wetting, scrubbing, rinsing, and drying are the steps involved here. Unfortunately, a lot of people overlook the importance of the last one. If you want to improve the longevity of your device, you should focus on drying as much as you pay attention to the first three steps.
If there is residual moisture on the surface, you …

Instead of Greenwashing, Reduce Pollution By Following These Methods

A lot of companies have recently started to show interest in sustainability. In fact, most of the biggest companies in the world publish sustainability reports. This comes with the pressure placed on them by the government, shareholders, and employees. More and more people are also supporting and patronizing businesses that make these efforts.
A lot of electronics manufacturers have joined in on this movement with products advertised as eco-friendly and sustainable. However, do these claims actually do anything for the environment? Unfortunately, this is a …

Get Rid of the 12V Battery To Improve EV Performance

Why is there any need for an electric vehicle to have a conventional 12V battery when the motors are already powered by either a 400V or an 800V battery? A lot of automotive systems need to quickly respond to sudden power changes. Batteries normally have quicker response times when compared to DC-DC power converters, although things have changed recently.
New EVs use up as much as 20 times more power in …

Fueling the Consumer Electronics Market Now and in the Future

By 2027, the global consumer electronics market is going to see significant growth. Much of this has to do with the growing popularity of smart home appliances. Below are the six trends powering this.
1. Personal consumer electronics are growing in Europe
The consumer electronics market share is seeing growth in Europe. This can be attributed to millennials’ love for wearable devices like …

Wireless Protocols and Industrial Settings

Industry 4.0 has released more intelligent machines and more efficient and flexible automated facilities. They are characterized by adaptable and secure connectivity, machinery-condition monitoring, data collection, and continuously adjusting production-process values. These functions are supported by wireless technologies based on the following standards and protocols.
1. IEEE 802.15.4 wireless standards