What Test and Measure Engineers Want from Vendors

Last year, Tektronix conducted a global survey of around 1,300 test and measure engineers to find out their concerns and requirements when it comes to company equipment. It revealed that they want more durable products and technical support to keep up with rapid technological advancements.

In fact, almost 40% of respondents want equipment with a lifespan of over a decade. Around a fifth, meanwhile, wanted it to last more than five years. These results back up studies saying that engineers highly value instrument reliability.

Engineers also want to keep investments safe and continue receiving value from purchases. This supports how some vendors want to keep offering technical assistance and service. Tektronix is one of these companies that offer varying warranty lengths based on the product. Repair support and calibration are offered for at least five years after the discontinuation of a product.

More than 70% of the respondents also said that they most value technical support when it comes to services. Luckily, Tektronix works hard to meet this demand with evolved working modes. The list includes remote control and collaborative data workspaces.

For many engineers, post-sales support in the form of repair, training, and calibration is also significant. It is a good thing that Tektronix has among the most comprehensive repair and calibration networks when it comes to testing and measurement equipment. On top of that, it also offers factory service and asset management plans.

Aside from the aforementioned, respondents apparently also value comprehensive manuals, good accessories, and extensive application notes. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the study will help improve the work situation of many test and measure engineers. The quality of their work can be vastly improved if their demands and requirements, which appear reasonable, are met.

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