Tony Bibbs on Project and Collaboration Software

In an interview with Tony Bibbs, the president and owner of the GForge Group, he revealed his thoughts on collaboration and project software right now. Keep reading to learn more about what he has to say about the industry at the moment.

According to him, there are many options in the world of collaboration right now. Solutions can be delivered through different means like software as a service or hybrid or on-premises. Unfortunately, many of them fail to deliver on their promises and even make collaboration worse.

Bibbs says that the needs of a business grow as it expands. Individual solutions that address only one task makes it difficult to navigate all these tools with cluttered user interface and an excessive number of bookmarks.

He says that there should be a focus on the bigger picture. In order for a collaboration solution to work, companies must not let tools run the team. When this happens, they will start to impose the method of working. Instead, the managers must take control and only use them to achieve specific goals. The lack of focus on solutions can make them even more inconvenient than they are useful. 

Bibbs explained that the high price tag but the limited scope of collaborative solutions is a common problem. It should be possible for these solutions to make it possible when changes are made to the system of collaboration. Vendor lock-in should also be avoided since these upsell models make it expensive, error-prone, and time-consuming to switch out.

Lastly, Bibbs emphasized that there is hope in the collaboration software industry. While solutions might currently work for a company, they might not be ideal in the future. It is, therefore, important to see the weaknesses of present systems and make informed decisions.

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