NICHIA and Zumtobel Join Forces to Provide LED Lighting

NICHIA has partnered with Zumtobel to offer advanced human-centric lighting with LED lighting. Zumtobel is a holistic lighting solutions supplier and the company recently launched ZUMTOBEL Spectrum for its luminaires that use proprietary technologies by NICHIA. This is particularly true for luminaries designed within Vitalis and Optisolis.

Unlike the traditional sky daylight spectra such as the CRA LED, the ZUMTOBEL Spectrum gives off a color spectrum with daylight properties. Interestingly, this spectrum is developed to stimulate the comfort and productivity of humans. According to the General Lighting Business Planning Manager at NICHIA Japan, Satoshi Okada, there is an increasing demand for top-notch, human-centric LED lighting. 

He went on to say that NICHIA has been an industry-leading company when it comes to the development of human-centric lighting. This is following the introduction of the innovative Vitasolis technology platform back in 2019. 

Okada also said that the company is actively involved in making significant scientific breakthroughs when it comes to lighting and enhancing its quality and relationship with it. The company has been doing research in the development of LED and the application of phosphor for more than 65 years. 

According to research, there is a relationship between human behavior and light. Generally, humans can easily recognize the color of light and brightness. Also, specific light wavelengths like the cyan region can greatly impact the human circadian rhythm. This means that lighting can affect human activity levels from when they wake up, get active through the day, and sleep at night. 

Vitasolis is crucial for controlling the human circadian rhythm. This is because it has a significantly high amount of energy in the cyan region, measuring between 470nm and 520nm wavelengths. This is even though it has a very natural white color.

Also, as part of the partnership, Zumbtobel is using the Optisolis technology by NICHIA, which offers a natural light source. Optisolis uses the general lighting market with a spectrum that is almost similar to the standard illuminant. The lighting is developed with the company’s blue-chip and phosphor technology. Unlike other lighting sources, it does not emit UV energy.

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