EATON’s HS/HSL Hybrid Supercapacitors

EATON’s HS/HSL hybrid supercapacitors are energy storage solutions with high storage capacity. These devices are extremely flexible and are mainly designed to be used for emergencies. Because of their high capacity, they are also useful in both pulse electricity and hybrid systems. 

Both HS and HSL hybrid supercapacitors are multi-functional and can be utilized as standalone storage devices. Furthermore, they can be used in combination with batteries, which helps to optimize operating time, service life, and costs. Better still, the fact that these supercapacitors are low self-discharge renders them suitable to use in combination with batteries.

They are useful in a variety of fields and industries because of their flexibility and high performance. The application includes:

  • IoT energy storage
  • IT server backup
  • Container/truck asset tracking
  • Industrial backup/ride-through
  • Smart water and gas meters
  • Medical emergency power supply
  • Alarm systems

These supercapacitors operate at a voltage of 3.8 V, which gives high energy. On the other hand, they can maintain a high power density with a low ESR. 

When it comes to temperature, HSL supercapacitors have a low temperature of up -25 degrees while HS supercapacitors have maximum temperature ranges of up to +85 degrees. They are also RoHS-compliant and also lead and halogen-free.

The system requirements vary and can range from several microwatts to hundreds of microwatts. More information about these EATON supercapacitors can be found at

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