Engineering Design Show Stocks New Smart Displays

It is now possible to design a product using a color TFT display and touch-screen, all thanks to the new EA uniTFTs displays by Electronic Assembly. The displays have an integrated graphics controller, I2C and SPI interface, and extensive graphics functions.

The uniTFTDesigner Windows software tool makes it possible to program all touch and display functions. The IDE comes with a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to use. Plus, there is a simulator as well as numerous ready-to-run examples.

For an improved experience, the EA uniTFT display has improved IPS-Panels with All Angle Colour Stability (AACS). With this technology, the display can retain contrast and colors even when viewed at extreme angles.

These displays have high brightness of 1,000 cd/m2 and more, making it easy to read the display even in direct sunlight. However, unlike TN panels, this display lacks an inverse tilt effect. There is a fast on-board programmable controller and each screen comes with an optically bonded capacitive touch screen (PCAP).

The uniTFT displays are integrated with I/O to control stand-alone applications. When it comes to the sizes, EA uniTFTs are available in a wide range of sizes including:

  • 2.0 inches (320×240)
  • 2.8 inches (320×240)
  • 3.5 inches (480×320)
  • 4.3 inches (480×272)
  • 5.0 inches (800×480)
  • 7.0 (1024×600)
  • 10.1 (1280×800)


The EA DEMOPACK-CLIMA is on special offer on MMS Electronics Ltd during the EDS-Reconnect 2021 virtual exhibition. This demo pack features a humidity and CO2 indoor air quality sensor. It also comes with an IPS TFT display with 2.8” high brightness.

MMS Electronics LTD also stocks COG OLED displays that come with the SPI and I2C interface. These displays come in four sizes including;

  • EA OLEDM204 that functions as a 2×20, 3×20, or 4×20 display
  • EA OLEDS102-6 that measures 1.7 inches (102×64 pixels)
  • EA OLEDL128-2 measures 2.9 inches (128×64 pixels)
  • EA OLEDM128-6 that measures 2.3 inches (128×64 pixels)

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