Wireless Protocols and Industrial Settings

Industry 4.0 has released more intelligent machines and more efficient and flexible automated facilities. They are characterized by adaptable and secure connectivity, machinery-condition monitoring, data collection, and continuously adjusting production-process values. These functions are supported by wireless technologies based on the following standards and protocols.
1. IEEE 802.15.4 wireless standards

Engineering Design Show Stocks New Smart Displays

It is now possible to design a product using a color TFT display and touch-screen, all thanks to the new EA uniTFTs displays by Electronic Assembly. The displays have an integrated graphics controller, I2C and SPI interface, and extensive graphics functions.
The uniTFTDesigner Windows software tool makes it possible to program all touch and display functions. The IDE comes with a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to use. Plus, there …

The Future of Flexible Displays

According to a report by IDTechEX Research, the market for stretchable electronics is likely to reach a whopping $600m by 2027. This is considering the benefits that come with stretchable electronics over rigid electronics. Because of their ability to be shaped and molded, stretchable electronics are greatly used for displays, wearables, and other applications.
Despite the many applications, stretchable …

Farnell Releases Magnetic Connectors in its Multicomp Pro Line

Farnell is adding magnetic connectors to its Multicomp Pro line. The magnetic connectors were designed to give value and meet the standards required by engineers. They are also quite easy to use thanks to their self-matting connections that are easy to detach.
Over the years, magnetic connectors and cable assemblies are quickly becoming an interconnect choice on the market, particularly for low-voltage applications. They are also quite versatile and are used in industries like power management, computer peripherals, medical/healthcare, industrial, …

AUO Curved Display at Display Technology

AUO has released a new curved display known as the P430QVR01.0 curved UHD TFT display. 
The curved displays can now be found at Display Technology, which is renowned for providing the latest technical innovations for touch screens and displays. Unlike conventional displays, curved displays offer more display area because they reduce the viewing distance in the peripheral field of view.
The new P430QVR01.0 curved UHD TFT display has a screen diagonal measuring 43 inches while the curvature radius measures 1500mm. This…

Avnet Abacus Saves Millions of Smart Meters

Millions of smart meters now will not have to end up in landfills, thanks to the collaboration between Avnet Abacus and TWTG Cooperation. Avnet Abacus is a renowned distributor of power supply, electromechanical, interconnect, energy storage, passive, wireless, and sensor products. On the other hand, TWTG is an industry-IoT specialist located in Rotterdam. 
Smart meters are under threat due to technological …

MIKROE’s New Open Standard DISCON Offers Wide Choices

MicroElectronika (MIKROE) has announced a new display connection open standard that enables the display of both the socket and the board. 
This embedded development tools company is known for standardization and saving development time and money, which is evident in the new open standard DISCON. The display connector (DISCON) and the add-on board are designed with the flexibility to ensure easy installation and replacement for …